EP2A DXpedition

The EP2A DXpedition was planned and conducted by a team of Ukranian and Latvian hams, led by Yuris/YL2GM.
The main Iranian contact in planning and providing technical help and logistics was our club’s president: EP2LMA (Mohammad Azimi)

For those of you who are not familiar, I should stress that planning for a DXpedition is not a straightforward work. You should do a lot of activity (some of them in parallel): getting the permission (which is not easy in Iran), finding a good and noise-free place, preparing the place and accommodation, handling the everyday needs (buying goods, transportation, organizing local authorities, etc), … . Fortunately EP2LMA is very good at these things.
Two members of our club (Mehdi and Saeed/EP2LSH) also went to visit the place and welcome the DXpedition team on 17 and 18 April.
Here are some pictures from the DXpedition’s location:






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